How-to run Mathematica

This article gives a 3 simple examples showing how to run Mathematica on Talapas.


We have several versions available, to view run, module available Mathematica

Talapas Desktop

  1. Access Open OnDemand,

  2. In the top ribbon, select the ‘Interactive Apps' dropdown menu. Choose ‘Talapas Desktop'.

  3. Enter account and job resource information. Once an allocation is granted, click 'Launch noVNC in New Tab'.

  4. In the top ribbon of the Talapas Desktop, click the MATE Terminal icon to open a terminal window.

  5. Enter,

module load Mathematica mathematica

This will launch the Mathematica 12 GUI.


  1. ssh onto a talapas login node,

  2. Start an interactive job,

  3. Once on the allocated node enter,

module load Mathematica math

This will launch the Mathematica 12 Kernel.


For longer running non-interactive use cases call Mathematica in batch. Create the file math-job.srun. In the file, add the desired slurm declarations, load the module, call the application.

#!/bin/bash #SBATCH --account=<pirg-name> #SBATCH --job-name=mat-job #SBATCH --output=mat-job.out #SBATCH --error=mat-job.err module load Mathematica math -run < math-file.m

Submit the job

Use the sbatch command to submit the job.