Here is information on the storage available to Talapas users.


Each User on Talapas has a home directory located in /home/<username>. By default, these home spaces are private with permissions set to allow access only by the owner.  Note that the quota for this directory is fairly small, currently 25GB.

Users also have access to individual and shared PIRG based storage spaces located in /projects/<PIRG>.  The user's individual space is in /projects/<PIRG>/<username> and that directory is only readable and writable by them.  The PIRG shared directory is in /projects/<PIRG>/shared and is created with permissions to allow read and write access by all PIRG users.  All of these directories share the common PIRG quota, which is fairly large (on the order of terabytes).


Storage usage on Talapas is tracked using quotas. Users who are in multiple groups it is important to correctly attribute the correct group ownership of files and directories.


The primary storage device for Talapas is an IBM Elastic Storage System providing 3.1 petabytes of storage using GPFS (General Parallel File System).

Local Storage

Each compute node is equipped with a local SSD scratch space. For information on the size of local scratch on a particular node, see Partition List page.

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