Data Movement

Access to UOCloud from Talapas,

Access to Dropbox from Talapas,

Access to Google Drive from Talapas,

Data Transfer Nodes

This is a dedicated resource for data movement in and out of Talapas.

This service is located on the nodes and

There are several methods for data access and movement:

dtn01 - /uocloud

  • Provides access to Linux tools rsync and scp

  • Provides access to Information Services UOCloud storage, /uocloud/<pirg>

    • For more information on access to UOCloud please see,

dtn02 - Globus

  • Provides access to the Linux tool scp, for example: scp file_name

  • Provides Globus for large data transfers across campus or remote sites

    • For more information on Globus please see,