Home and Project directory structure

2017-10-31: Home and Project Directory Structure Rearrangement

Previously, each user had a /home/<USER>/ directory for their personal configuration files and data.  With this change, each user will have a /projects/<PIRG>/<USER>/ directory for data, with /home/<USER>/ used just for configuration (and other relatively small) files. 

In addition, each PIRG's shared project directory, which previously resided in /projects/<PIRG>/, is now in /projects/<PIRG>/shared/.

With these changes, all directories under a PIRG's /projects/<PIRG>/ share the same large quota pool, typically multiple TB.  Each /home/<USER>/ directory now has a much smaller quota, currently 10GB.

In order to facilitate migration to the new layout, the contents of each home directory will be moved to the new location (/projects/<PIRG>/<USER>/).  However, copies of the top-level dot files (e.g., .bashrc) will be left in /home/<USER>/ as well.  For most users, everything will just work as before.  In a few cases, where a hard-coded path was used or dot files are including non-dot files, manual changes might be necessary.