How-to: Use Globus CLI on Talapas

Globus CLI is installed on Talapas and can be used as an alternative to the webapp,, and to programmatically initiate file transfers. This wiki how-to article walks through how to use Globus CLI on a Talapas login node. It assume you already have source and destination shares setup.

In this example I’ll use a Globus share that I have created on the ‘Talapas’ endpoint that is mapped to a subdirectory within my home directory on Talapas and the ‘UO - Information Services’ endpoint where I have requested storage and a corresponding Globus share.


  • On a login node, load python3

module load python3
  • Login to Globus

[marka@talapas-ln1 ~]$ globus login Please authenticate with Globus here: ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Enter the resulting Authorization Code here: <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> You have successfully logged in to the Globus CLI! You can check your primary identity with globus whoami For information on which of your identities are in session use globus session show Logout of the Globus CLI with globus logout
  • Discover the source endpoint share ID. This is my globus share on Talapas

[marka@talapas-ln1 ~]$ globus endpoint search 'Talapas' ID | Owner | Display Name ------------------------------------ | ----------------- | ---------------- ... adc038d8-0fcb-11ea-8a67-0e35e66293c2 | | Talapas_marka ...
  •  Discover the destination endpoint ID. This is the UO - Information Services endpoint top level share.

  • Create variables for each endpoint ID for ease of use and list the contents of each. ep1 is Talapas and ep2 is UO - Information Services

  • The same contents viewed in the Globus web app

  • Initiate a single file transfer from the Globus CLI

Note: The UO - Information Services endpoint ID, stored in $ep2, refers to “/”. You have to specify the full path to your individual share on the endpoint, e.g. “$ep2:/globus/marka”

At initial login through the web app to the UO - Information Services endpoint, your Path is displayed as “/~/”. If you wish, you can use the up arrow to navigate up the directory hierarchy then back down into your individual share to display the actual Path.

  • New contents of the destination endpoint showing the new file, mk_script_for_Talapas.R.

  • Contents of the Globus web app file-transfer view showing the full path to my share on the UO - Information Services endpoint as well as new file ‘mk_script_for_Talapas.R’ successfully transferred.



Use globus --help for a basic help list. More examples can be found here:

As well as the full CLI command reference:

Look into the globus transfer reference page for information on the command line options available,

In particular ‘--sync-level’, ‘--recursive’

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