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Comment: mention required accounts


You can use any partition, but for quick access, the interactive and testgpu partitions are ideal, since these usually have immediately available slots.  Please delete your job when you're done using it.  Also, note that like all SLURM jobs, your job will be unceremoniously killed when time runs out.  So plan ahead, save your work periodically, etc.

Note that these Specifying an account for SLURM jobs is now required.  This is the PIRG account that will be charged for your usage.  A list of the accounts you can use is provided–just enter your choice into the box.  

Note that jobs continue running, even if you log out of OnDemand or close your browser.  This is good, in that even if your local computer disconnects or crashes, you'll be able to log into OnDemand anew and reconnect to the job.  But it also means that it's important to delete the job when you're done, as it will continue to use Talapas resources until you kill it (or time runs out).