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Comment: Change to match actual config, which is no requeue by default


Be aware that the current Talapas default is not to requeue preempted jobs.  In   If you want to your job to requeue, use the flag below.  In the worst case with requeueing enabled, this might happen several times, but eventually your job will be run to completion.  You might find this requeueing confusing–use the option below to explicitly prevent this if you preferrequeueing confusing.

An additional limitation is that jobs in preempt are currently limited to seven days.


Submitting a job to the preempt partition is largely the same as submitting it to any other queue.  As above, if you don't want your job to be automatically requeued, you'll need to include this option

Code Block
#SBATCH --no-requeue

either in your batch script or on the sbatch command line.  If you don't do this, your job will be rerun when resources become available (which might not be immediately)not be re-run if it's preempted.

In order to make your job "requeue-friendly", you might need to have your script delete leftover files from the initial run, and perhaps take other actions that you might normally perform to reset for the repeated invocation.