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Globus CLI allows you to programmatically transfer files. Globus CLI is installed on Talapas login nodes and accessed by running:

Code Block
[marka@talapas-ln2 ~]$ module load python3
[marka@talapas-ln2 ~]$ globus login

You can also install Globus CLI on your local machine for use with Globus Personal Connect. Below are instructions for installing on a Mac. 


Note: A destination directory name is required. Also, $dest_ep has a 'Host Path' of /projects/hpcrcf/marka/testing/ this is not visible in the CLI command ouput 'globus endpoint show $dest_ep'

Code Block
Marks-MacBook-Pro:~ marka$ source_ep=97e58874-d33f-11e9-939f-02ff96a5aa76
Marks-MacBook-Pro:~ marka$ dest_ep=79c2ad02-acd1-11e9-a379-0a2653bc2660
Marks-MacBook-Pro:~ marka$ globus transfer -r --verify-checksum $source_ep:/Users/marka/globus_ep/linux-5.2.13-copy1/ $dest_ep:linux-copy1
Message: The transfer has been accepted and a task has been created and queued for execution
Task ID: ad31ba86-d35d-11e9-939f-02ff96a5aa76