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A virtual private network (VPN) connection is recommended to access the cluster. This adds an extra layer of security. The Talapas VPN should provide all the same capabilities as UO VPN as well as adding access to Talapas., and will only prompt you for 2-factor authentication once.

Instructions here: Article - Getting Started with UO VPN ( as the connection URL and your DuckID and UO password at the login prompt.

Connecting via SSH

The SSH protocol is used for all shell connections to the login nodes.  Multiple SSH are clients available–you can use whichever one you find most convenient.

You’ll If you’re not connected to the UOVPN, you’ll want to SSH to our Talapas login system at loginlogin loadbalancer:

If you’re connected to the UOVPN, you can use any one of the 4 login nodes directly:

Your files will be present on all login nodes, so you don’t need to always use the same one!

Once logged into a login node, you can navigate the storage system, write scripts, edit code, and launch jobs.  Remember that login nodes are NOT an appropriate place to run applications or simulations. A good rule of thumb to use: if something takes longer than a few seconds to run, then it's inappropriate for a login node. Instead, use a compute node.  For information on launching an interactive session on a compute node see How-to Start an Interactive Job.